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Why do you need a multilingual strategy?

2 in 3 searches are coming from outside the top 6 metros

Out of the 504 million active internet users today, for the first time in 2019, 277 million users are from rural localities, outnumbering urban users by 50 million!

10X growth in local language searches

What is multilingual marketing?

Does Multilingual Marketing merely mean translating your present pages into the language of your TG? NO! Multilingual Marketing includes the emotional touch that your brand requires to connect with your TG. You want to reach out to your audience in a manner that they not only understand but also identify. Beat other brands that don't live by such a belief and that use trivial means of marketing.

Multilingual Marketing is curating content across brand languages, while taking into account the cultural values, local colloquial expressions and behaviour of the target audience. Multilingual marketing is more than mere translation. It's about expressing your brand in a language your audience resonates with.

From website content to social media campaigns, all touch points with your consumer will be localised in a regional language, to bridge the gap between what your TG is looking for and what your brand has to offer.

Social Media Marketing

Go vocal with localised and powerful vernacular social media campaigns. Connect with audiences across the country and form lasting relationships with them.


Drive greater engagement through exciting videos across regional languages – from ideating to implementation.

Performance Advertising

Want to run Ad campaigns in regional languages? Step up performance advertising with us and reach out to people across the country.

Website Design & Development

Create engaging, informative and user friendly websites in vernacular languages to connect with a larger audience and drive more engagement.

SEO & Content Marketing

Work with experienced writers who understand local languages and can come up with relatable, culturally relevant content that is optimised with high-intent keywords to improve search rankings.

Influencer Marketing

Why limit influencer marketing to English speakers? Expand your influence by collaborating with famous regional influencers and widen your brand’s reach.

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